Monday, December 26, 2016

Glimpses of hope and joy

These past few weeks I have experienced a joy and peace that I have longed for for years. I was cautious to voice it, almost as if I said it to others it would somehow change suddenly and I would have ruined it. The truth is, I am REALLY loving this season of being a Mom to my two kids.

Jakob age 4, Abigail age 6

There is a continuous battle for grace in parenting. I never do, or am "enough" I don't need to be told either way how I'm "doing", as a parent I feel the failure constantly. 

Until grace.

I'm not perfect or super patient or always loving and kind. But this season of parenting, I'm savoring it! Without thinking about where we were at last year, or where we might be next year, right here and right now, I am soaking in these days of adventuring and exploring, watching the wonder on my kids faces. 

Each day has its own trials and heartaches. I'm not unaffected by the pains within our families or the desperation of the current crisis in Syria. Our personal struggles are real. Major stresses are very present and pressing in all around. It is because of these gloomy and raw areas of life that I need to boast a little louder the joys, hope and sweet moments.

I need to write it all down, not out of pride or perfection, 
but as little reminders for hope. 

Glimpses of joy to reflect on when I am in the thick of it.